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A reimagining of FOA's Yokohama Port Terminal based on imagery from the Tale of Gengi 
with Lulwah Alzaid, Matthew Messner and Evgeniya Plotnikova.
Our concept for the Osanbashi pier architecturally manifests the gesture of welcoming. The shape was inspired by the dual concept of “Niwaminato”: two halves that start from opposite ends of the pier and move towards one another, intertwining at the center and separating again.
The pairs represent dual aspects of the pier and the city of Yokohama: local/international, village/cosmopolitan, garden/field. The turning form produces a montage of vantage points overlooking the city, sea, and pier. 
These drawings depict the welcome gesture as a series of embraces at different scales. The city of Yokohama embraces the pier; the Osanbashi pier embraces the ships; the pier embraces the visitor; the people of Yokohama embrace the visitors.
Honorable Mention, 2012 ThinkSpace Past Forward International Competition.
Exhibited at  the Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, NY
and the Zagreb Society of Architects, Croatia. 
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